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Shirley Stephan

Church Historian

First Presbyterian Church Lyons, NY


The First Hundred Years of Presbyterianism in Lyons 1809-1909

OUR fair town two hundred years ago could scarcely be called a village:  it was only a settlement of log houses dotting, at irregular intervals, Water, Broad and William Streets.  Butternut Street was opened, and possibly one or two cross streets, with scarcely a dwelling on either.  The whole of what is the eastern part of the village was included in John Rigg's Farm.

The first settlers were plain, hardy, resolute, earnest men, mostly Methodists and Presbyterians.

The Presbyterians resolved to organize themselves into a religious body of that name.  A call was issued December 10th, 1799, for a meeting to be held January 2nd, 1800, at the house of John Riggs.  Evert Van Wickle and Samuel Neilson were appointed returning officers.  John Taylor, John Perrine and John Van Wickle, Sr., were chosen to act as trustees for a "Presbyterian Church to be established in the village of Lyons in the town of Sodus."

And thus, our history began.

An in-depth look at the rich heritage of the First Presbyterian Church of Lyons.