Renewed by the Spirit- Seth Burgess

Humble and Triumphant - Seth Burgess

​Bridge Over Troubled Water - Beth Whitbeck

Lyons Community Thrift Shop

OPEN Thursday - Saturday!

​10 AM - 2 PM!

All proceeds go to the Lyons Community Food Pantry.

Guardian of the Flock - Seth Burgess

​Talking to God - Beth Whitbeck

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What Are Our Spiritual Gifts-Beth Whitbeck

​Who We Follow - Seth Burgess

This Is My Son, Listen To Him ​-Beth Whitbeck

Lyons Community Food Pantry

Welcoming All                        Serving Others                  Enriching Lives

Meet You at the Wadi - Seth Burgess

​Climbing Anger Mountain - Beth Whitbeck

Traveling Toward...? - Rev Fred Magley

​​​Some Suggested Readings to help you through your week:

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Crosswalk– weekly devotionals
Our Daily Bread
Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide
“Weekly Wisdoms” – by Liberty University

         Daily Bible Verses
Bible Verse for the day and Bible Study

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus - Beth Whitbeck

The Food Pantry is again open for in-person pick-ups.  Ring the doorbell by the yellow door for assistance. M-F, 11-1 PM

Please call 315-871-7242 if you or someone you know has a food emergency.  We will try to help!

It is through your giving that others may receive.

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​Struggle Amidst Blessing - Seth Burgess

Sugar Mountain - Beth Whitbeck

​An Example to Believers - Seth Burgess

First Presbyterian Church Lyons, NY

​RSVP to God -Seth Burgess