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There is still much to be done, but, with God's help, we will continue to work to raise the necessary funds!

We were able to complete some of the work necessary to have this wonderful instrument, that was given to us by Myron C Taylor in 1925, properly demonstrated during the Organ Historical Society's National Convention on August 2,  2018.

Parsons Organ Builders (Bristol Valley Road, Canandaigua) has been awarded the job to restore our wonderful instrument.  From their website: “It is by God’s grace alone that we are blessed with the knowledge and abilities to build such things of beauty; that musicians are gifted to make them sing; and that music can minister in so many ways. As these instruments lead us in song, may our worship be an offering to Jesus Christ to whom we give all the glory for what we are able to accomplish through Him.”
Richard B. Parsons

Now, we are asking you to prayerfully consider making a donation to help us reach our goal of maintaining and growing our music ministry by preserving this unique and historical instrument.  We invite you to visit our Facebook page (First Presbyterian Church Lyons NY) to listen to our weekly services and our (pre-pandemic) Hymn Sings.  We love to share His word through music!!

September 2021:  Due to the generosity of members, friends, and strangers, we were able to have the console renovated!  Every 100 year old piece of leather and cork was replaced with new, and every part was cleaned and reassembled.

Our next goal is to renovate the wooden stopped flute pipes.  The paper toweling as emergency gasket material allows air to leak. Those pipes will speak with much more clarity when the 100 year old leather gaskets are replaced with new.

Donations for the Organ Fund, Mission Projects, Victory Garden, Per Capita and/or General Operating Budget may be made via PayPal, placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning, or mailed to the church at the address below:

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When Robert Wadsworth passed away on February 1, 2017, his family asked that donations be made to the First Presbyterian Church of Lyons in his name or to the Organ Fund.  Bob had faithfully served as our church's choir director for 45 years, and the Organ Fund began to grow.

In 2012, Bob's daughter, Becky, knowing that the organ was going to need some serious renovations in the near future, formed an Organ Committee to determine what needed to be done. The estimates on the work were staggering, and the renovations were tabled...until now.

Now we have a chance to not only preserve our organ, but also to preserve the memories and the impact Robert Wadsworth had on the musical and spiritual life of our church and our community.