8/20 - 7 PM Hymn Sing

               Pastor Cynthia

8/23-  9:45 Flute Hymns

          10 AM Worship

                    Pastor Cynthia

          11:30- Noon - Live Organ Music

8/24- 6:30-7:15 -Church Family Zoom

8/25 - 7 PM Kids Sing a long

                 Beth Whitbeck

8/27- 6:45 PM Flute Hymns

          7 PM Hymn Sing

                    Pastor Cynthia

8/30 - 10 AM Worship

                 SARA GURNEY preaching

          11:30 -Noon - Live Organ Music

8/31 - 6:30-7:15 Church Family Zoom


9/1 -  6:45 "Warm up" music

         7 PM Kids Sing

             Pastor Cynthia

9/3 - 7 PM Hymn

            Beth Whitbeck

9/6 -  9:45 AM Prelude

       10 AM Worship with Communion

            Pastor Cynthia

        11:30 - Noon - Live Organ Music

9/7 - 6:30-7:15 Church Family Zoom

9/8 - 7 PM Kids Sing

             Beth Whitbeck

9/10 - 6:45 PM Warm up

          7 PM Hymn Sing

             Pastor Cynthia

9/13 - 10 AM Worship

             Beth Whitbeck

          11:30 - Noon -Live Organ Music

9/14 - 6:30-7:15 Church Family Zoom

9/15 - 6:45 PM Warm Up

           7 PM Kids Sing

              Pastor Cynthia

9/17 - 7 PM  Hymn Sing

              Beth Whitbeck

9/20- 9:45 AM Prelude

         10 AM - Worship

               Pastor Cynthia

         11:30 - Noon - Live Organ Music

9/21 - 6:30-7:15 Church Family Zoom

9/22 - 7 PM  Kids Sing

            Beth Whitbeck

9/24 - 6:45 PM Warm up

          7 PM Hymn Sing

                    Pastor Cynthia

9/27 - 10 AM Worship

               Beth Whitbeck

        11:30-noon Live Organ Music

9/28- 6:30-7:15 Church Family Zoom

9/30 - 6:45 PM Warm Up

          7 PM Kids Sing

                Pastor Cynthia

Lyons Community ​Food Pantry

New to church?

New to our Church?

As we proceed through the days and weeks ahead, continuing to provide resources for spiritual growth and wellness is our goal. This will be done through Facebook posts, this website, emails and phone calls!

If you are not a Facebook user, you can still view our most recent videos and posts in the red frame on the left of this page.

​Blessings and Peace!

Services, Sing-a-longs, and Organ Music continue to be livestreamed on Facebook

(First Presbyterian Church Lyons NY)

and posted here at the conclusion of each event. (click red frame below)​​

Music Ministry

The First Presbyterian Church of Lyons has a long history of wonderful, worshipful music.  We strive always to keep that tradition alive.

Live Facebook Kid and Adult Sing-a-longs every 

Tuesday & Thursday evening at 7 PM.

Join us there!

To watch, go to "First Presbyterian Church Lyons NY" Facebook page - watch it any time!

Welcoming All                        Serving Others                  Enriching Lives



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Lyons Community Thrift Shop

First Presbyterian Church Lyons, NY

Donations to any of our missions, general budget, organ fund, pledges, etc  - can all be made with a credit or debit card through PayPal by clicking the button above.

(or by mailing a check to

11 Queen St, Lyons, NY 14489)

PLEASE let us know your wishes within PayPal or on your check!

​Delivery Only Beginning March 23

Call 315-871-7242